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Let the others care of themselves

Following a call by the Düsseldorfer Tafel, donations were gathered from the Düsseldorf Senators in the past two weeks. In association with the Walter-Eucken Vocational College in Düsseldorf Bilk. The Düsseldorfer Tafel and especially the Kinder Tafel can no longer cope with the increasing need of help. So the respond came imidiatly.

Due to connections to the vocational college on Suitbertusstraße, which had attracted the attention of the Senators with the “WE SHARE” campaign, there was no need for a special invitation to follow this campaign.

“While others only take care of themselves, we want to set an example.” That was the unanimous opinion of the Düsseldorf Senators, who were allowed to hand over the collected donations in the form of 20 boxes to the WEBK on November 30th, 2022.

We must never lose sight of those in need. How little does sporting success matter when people are suffering.

Thank you Düsseldorfer Tafel and thank you Walter-Eucken vocational College for this great campaign.

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