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A better result was possible

The ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators had set themselves some goals for their last game before the summer break and certainly expected them to do so. After three wins in a row, they travelled to the league leaders in Verl/Gütersloh, slightly weakened by a lack of replacements but still with their heads held high.

“The games are always on eye level and exciting right up to the last pitch,” said the head coach in the last training week about the previous duels against the ladies from Verl/Gütersloh. “Even if we can’t take all the girls with us on the trip, we’re going to the Yaks to win the game.”

The ladies have impressively demonstrated in recent games that they can hit the ball well, and the hard work on the pitcher position is gradually becoming apparent. The statistics from the last games speak for themselves.

“The ERA (Earned Run Average) of our five pitchers is an excellent 4.09 runs per game for this point in the season. Five walks in 21 innings played. Something we didn’t even dare to dream of in the past,” explains Mohr, visibly proud of the performance of his pitching crew.

“The girls invest so much time in their development and it’s finally paying off.”

Good hitting and an improving form curve of the pitchers, what could possibly go wrong against the league leaders from Verl/Gütersloh?

Until the end of the fourth inning, it was a fast-paced and exciting game in which the two starters almost neutralized each other. However, when the score was 2:4 from the Senators’ perspective, the game broke.

As if a switch had been flipped, the ladies made some inexplicable mistakes, which allowed the Yaks to pull ahead to 11:2.

“We work on every error critically but constructively. The aim is of course to avoid these in the future,” explains Patrick Mohr. “We emphasized from the beginning that we would try out a lot this season. Here and there, we still lack security and understanding of the game for the individual positions.”

As always, the ladies fought to the end and never gave up. In the sixth inning, they fought against an early end to the game and forced the Yaks back onto the defensive. Unfortunately, it was not enough to score anything.

“The Yaks left the field as deserved winners, there is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, I am sure that our girls could have achieved much more,” the head coach sums up.

“The result of 11:2 does not reflect the course of the game, which is a great shame for my team.”

Now it’s time to do our homework in the coming weeks, because the next big game is just around the corner on August 10, 2024 with the Krefeld Crows.

“Let’s give the girls a breather. It hasn’t been an easy season so far. With all the games and training cancelled due to the weather. I’m very happy with how the season has gone so far. I only had us on my radar in the second half of the season. Now we have four wins to our name. Nobody can take that away from us.”


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