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18UBaseball-en18U VL – SCRIMMAGE AT RHEINAUE | 07/11/2020


U18 guests in the Rheinaue

On July 11th there was another encounter between the 18U of the Düsseldorf Senators and the Bonn Capitals, this time held in the Rheinaue in Bonn. In best weather, the Senators put up a very strong performance. Compared to the previous week, it clearly improved in the box and the consistently good discipline at the plate led to a total of 26 runners on base, of which 15 could be booked as hits and 11 as walk. On the defensive, coach Max Laufer rotated again and showed how flexible and unpredictable his team will be in the future. Even if the pitchers had to survive a few stressful innings, they remained at a high level throughout the game. Many thanks to the Bonn Capitals for the invitation and a great baseball day.

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