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Senators at the ISR Open House

“A piece of home in Düsseldorf”. The Düsseldorf Senators presented themselves at the Open House of the International School on the Rhine (ISR) in Neuss last Saturday. The baseball and softball department had contacted the sports director of the school a couple of weeks prior to draw his attention to the program.

“It would be a missed opportunity, not to try it.” That was the unanimous opinion.

“And apparently we found the right words.”

It’s all about the families and especially the kids, for whom we want to offer a piece of home in Düsseldorf with our familiar  activities. Because hardly anything else connects more than sports and creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable, is all we want.

Baseball and softball are still no overly popular activities in Germany. Not so in the US or other parts of the world. So the idea of ​contacting the ISR was quickly brought up.

“However, we did not expect an invitation to the ‘Open House’.”

Information material was quickly designed and put on paper  in order to be able to enliven the information stand accordingly. Numerous visitors found their way to the senators’ booth, which more than justified the effort involved.

“We were able to connect with various people and collaborators, which presents us with a promising future as a club. A long-term cooperation with the ISR and other organizations is therefore not out of the question,” says Frank Mohr, who was allowed to present the Düsseldorf Senators in Neuss.

We would like to thank everyone involved who made this event possible. We were welcomed with open arms and immediately felt part of a large community. We really appreciate that.


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Fotos by M. Korkmaz