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Blue skies over Wuppertal, softball and a lot of heart

If you want to summarize the game day in a nutshell, these would be the right words for it.

Almost in full team strength and a convincing victory from the last game in the pocket, a good result could also be expected against the strong opponent from Wuppertal.

For the first time, the Senators were able to go into a game with three pitchers, which opened up strategic opportunities for the coaches and at the same time posed a challenge.

“When do you ever have the luxury of going into a game with three starters? We were very grateful for these alternatives and were therefore able to try out a few things.” Head Coach Frank more told us right after the game.

And the changes paid off. After a rocky start, with four runs in the first inning, the ladies’ starter managed to keep the game close with 6 quick outs in a row. Until the fourth inning she seems untouchable, but the Stingrays battled back and filled the bases. As in Aachen, it was now up to Katja to keep the lead of one run.

“They did a great job, both of them.”, Frank Mohr said. “That’s what pitchers do. Keeping us in the game and give us the opportunity to win a game.”

As the topic came to Katja, the one he throws into the lions den once more. He smiled and said:

“She has shown that she can be relied on. She’s the one who can handle such situations.” Head coach Frank Mohr praised his pitcher, who shows mental strength just when it is absolutely necessary. “Sure, we train for scenarios like that, but it always looks different in the game.”

On the offensive, however, everything went as usual.

“We’re still very successful at bat,” said the Senators Ladies’ hitting coach. “We see the ball very well at the moment.”

“It would be wrong to say that the quality of our AB’s alone were responsible for the result, but if you don’t put the ball in play you can’t force the opponent to make mistakes. We put the ball in play, sometimes it can be that simple.”

The final point under a convincing team effort was set by the third pitcher that day, who left nothing to chance for the Senators in the last inning and in the end kept the victory (22:12) for the ladies firmly in the glove.

“I will always remember the scenes immediately after the game,” says Frank Mohr. Because after the game there was a handmade heart for all team members, which was presented by a player’s daughter.

“There is no question for me why I took on this team, and by that I mean everyone who is with us every day and is so close to my heart.”


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