Thanks to Qigong practitioner and trainer Kseny Gray our Softball ladies were able to experience the traditional Chinese way of mental and physical well-being.

Via ZOOM the holistic living enthusiast showed the team how to become more connected to the body and process, very valuable skills to have when it comes to injury prevention. Furthermore Qigong is a tool to help the mind to be balanced and focus in both everyday life and sports.

Kseny went to train under the lineage of master Lee Lee Sian at the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tsultim Namdak at Sheng Zheng Qigong and Vladimir Silaev. Her goal in teaching Qigong is to show her trainees the methods and techniques to connect with their body’s needs, cultivate peace and feel better in their body.

This goal was definitely more than realized for the whole team, who’s most appreciative for the time she spent with them.

If you wish to find out more about Qigong with Kseny check out her website!


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