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After moving up to the second Baseball Bundesliga, the Senators want to show why they have managed to make it from the Bezirksliga to the second-highest class in just a few years. If you look at the good work within the youth sector in the recent past, such success is no coincidence. So the coach can rely on young, talented and experienced players. A mixture that leaves everything open and hopeful for the course of the season.

The management and the structure in the club seem to be right, because, among other things, they were able to convince and win over a youth national player and as well as more new talented players.

“I’m not making any predictions about the possible course of the season,” says teh coach, and is stubbornly silent about his team’s goals.

“Everyone knows what individual and team plans are set  and what they can do to make them happen,” he adds.

These plans and goals were expressed in one-on-one conversations at the beginning of the year and actively added to and strengthened by the players.

“I think we’re good for surprises and we’ll take what we can get from every game.”

© Foto: Anton DeAngelis

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