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Ladies Home Opener, a success

Home premiere successful. The ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators won 16:1 against the Neunkirchen Nightmares and, with this victory, secured a place in the middle of the softball Landesliga.

“We were extremely excited and tense.” Head coach Frank Mohr tries to put his thoughts into words. “The first home game is always something special. So many people did a great job behind the scenes that I can’t even list them all because I’m worried I’ll forget someone. A big thank you to all of you.”

The home opener was being worked on weeks in advance. Posters were printed and distributed around the city. The logo of the Senators and the likeness of the Softball Ladies could be seen in numerous shops.

“Something that makes us incredibly proud afterwards. The response was enormous.”

However, anyone who thought that the ladies were expecting a rush of spectators is wrong. It is important to them that they are seen and noticed in Düsseldorf. Further collaborations are pending, but those responsible for the team don’t want to rush things.

“Processes take time and we want to take it easy.”

kongstarker first pitch on Südallee

A trend-setting signal for the softball ladies is the cooperation with Beer Kong. The two beer brewers from Düsseldorf provide the team and the spectators with high-quality beers of a special kind.

The statement you have to make is also unique. The entire proceeds from the beers sold are donated to a charity at the end of the season.

Thank you Caro and Janine (Beer Kong) for being a part of our family.

Of course, softball was also played on this very day and it was successful. Against a young team from Neunkirchen, the ladies went into the game highly concentrated and were focused right from the start. Outstanding performances in the circle, as well as at bat, quickly brought the ladies from Düsseldorf onto the road to victory. However, they didn’t get anything for free, because the Nightmares’ starter, who was in a very good mood, made a great game.

“We have a lot of respect for the Nightmares and are certain that we have seen a team of the future here today,” said Frank Mohr immediately after the game.

But the Senators’ starter didn’t need to hide either. She threw a complete game and only allowed one run. It was a fast-paced, highlight-filled game that saw a deserved winner in the Senators.

“We offered the crowd a great game and are pretty sure that we will soon be able to welcome even more Düsseldorfer to the Südallee.”


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