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Softball Offseason

The 2021 season is history and preparations for the next season have been going on for a good two months. There is no time to waste for the ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators.

“If you want to take the next step, you have to work hard on yourself.”

And that’s exactly what the ladies around the two coaches Patrick and Frank Mohr are doing, who are currently focusing entirely on hitting and pitching techniques.

They are fine-tuned down to the smallest detail, processes are discussed, analyzed and, at the end of the day, put together into a package that the players feel comfortable with in order to get the best possible out of them.

“Here and there you have to break some old habits.”

It is also clear to the coaches that this is not always easy and so you approach the topics with a lot of sensitivity and commitment.

“It’s just not enough to just present drills. Our task as coaches is to be able to explain the meaning behind them at any time. If I know why and what I’m doing something, I’m more open to leaving my comfort zone. ”

This approach seems to be working just fine at the moment.

Another new addition is the functional training, which is offered on Fridays from 7:00. to 8:00 p.m. The main goal here is to maintain the health of our athletes and to strengthen the musculoskeletal systems that are important for our sport.

“Our functional training is like a colorful bouquet of flowers, nothing is left out.”

Diversity and variety are also very important here. There are elements from Qigong, Yoga, Pilates and classic strength training with your own body weight. Correct and conscious breathing is another focus to bring more mindfulness into our everyday life.

“It is important that we listen to our bodies more again. To do this, however, we first have to learn to feel it again. ”

The last session “Qigong with Kseny” took place on Tuesday. We do not want to miss to express our thanks to Kseny again at this point. With her open and heartfelt manner, Kseny brought us closer to the topic of Qigong and thus created a foundation on which the team can continue to grow. Qigong makes us physically and mentally stronger.

Plans for a third set of sessions are already in progress.

The increase in new players in times of the pandemic is also astonishing. While the Düsseldorf Senators Ladies were able to enjoy the addition of four new players, another surprise seems to be under the Christmas tree.

We wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful and healthy Christmas and a good start into the New Year 2022.

Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.

Charles Dickens


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