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GeneralKIDS IN ACTION 2022

06/12/2022 - Arena Sportpark

A great success with the best weather
Kids in Action - Übersicht1
Kids in Action - Schlagen1
Kids in Action - Werfen2
Kids in Action - Infostand
Kids in Action - Schlagen2
Kids in Action - Übersicht2
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Kids in Action - Werfen1

Once again the Düsseldorf Senators took part in Kids in Action at and around the Merkur-Spiel- Arena. In addition to various other sports, the children could throw, catch and even hit base- and softballs off of the front-pitch machine in the batting cage. In the best weather and with numerous helpers, we were able showed the kids how the sport works. Pitching coach Udo helped with the first pitching exercises and gave helpful tips. You could really see how much fun the children were having, because sometimes even the catcher got scared of the quick throws. If you missed out due to the big rush, or if you want to get a picture of us and the baseball facility in Benrath again during a trial session, you are welcome to do so.
We look forward to many interested children and of course parents, as we also offer practice and teams for many age groups in our club. Simply register without obligation and come by!


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