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Next Chapter College Softball

For Lina Schwippert, the year 2023 will surely become an unforgettable memory. After graduating high school, she will continue her softball career at Limestone University to join head coach Caroline Hill’s team.

Born in Düsseldorf, she has been living in the USA, more precisely in Indian Land, South Carolina, since she was four years old. Even though the two cities are a good 7000 km apart, she has not forgotten the way to her old home town. She visits her family regularly and tells us that she would like to come to Düsseldorf more often, but she doesn’t have much time apart from school and softball.

Countless training sessions are behind the now 18-year-old, who went on record hunting for the Elite9 Travel Ball Team as well as her high school team. As the scouts do not become aware of the young athletes through high school sports alone, they can recommend themselves through regional and national tournaments, and Lina has competed in a lot of them in recent years. The hard work has paid off.

The exceptional left-handed athlete only came to the sport of softball via detours.

Because she started her athletic career on a completely different field. As a Düsseldorf resident, being close to Football is quite obvious and so her first stop was indeed soccer.

At the age of 10 however she went to a softball tryout and has hardly been able to get off the field since then. Her role model is Monica Abbott, also a left-handed pitcher who won the silver medal at the Olympics with Team USA two years ago.

USA and Senators, how did that come along?

Two years ago, contact was made with the Senators for the first time, which in retrospect still evokes good memories for head coach Frank Mohr.

“Having such a talented pitcher on our roster is a gift that everyone on the team can benefit from. Lina has stolen our hearts, and not just because of the way she plays. She has also integrated seamlessly into the team on a personal level.”

While looking for a softball club in Germany, the Schwipperts came across the Düsseldorf Senators. Why travel far when your favorite sport is right on your doorstep.

“Actually, we just wanted to watch the practice,” her mother recalls. “We were totally surprised that Lina was not only allowed to train with the Ladies, but was also invited to the upcoming game. We were all welcomed so warmly.”

“That’s how we are,” adds head coach Frank Mohr. “A big family.”

And Lina’s stats as a pitcher speak for themselves. She has only allowed one hit in her two games for the Düsseldorf Senators. On the other hand the 19 strikeouts further prove her pitching prowess.

“Lina is in a class of her own and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from this young lady. We would love to see her wearing the jersey of the Düsseldorf Senators again in the years to come.”


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