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After a first, officially played season in the second baseball Bundesliga, the Düsseldorf Senators are looking forward to 2023. After the young Senators team had many good moments last year and the goal of staying up in the league was achieved, new goals are now on the agenda .

During the offseason, the team intensively works on strength, speed and conditioning, as well as their hitting technique in order to further exploit existing potential to the fullest. The goal to make the upcoming season an even better one, step by step. The fact that the can keep up with the teams from the top third of the division and even take a game or two from them was proven in the past season. The 2023 season therefore promises to be an exciting one.

The game schedule that has now been released represents a change from the previous year. Due to the increase in teams, starting on April 22nd, only a single will be played, meaning they’ll face each opponent only once.

The entire schedule of the 2nd Baseball Bundesliga Northwest can be downloaded here:


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