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A different view of things

“If you walk through the city with your eyes open, you see a lot of wonderful things,” Softball Head Coach Frank Mohr tells us. Pure Note, Nubia and Marcel’s unpackaged shop, is one of many small, authentic shops in the heart of Düsseldorf’s Bilk. It was precisely in this shop, which offers exclusively vegan products, including organic food, that he became aware of Beer Kong (see article) last year, which, as is well known, resulted in a pioneering partnership.

“The offer, or rather the idea behind it, immediately convinced me and gave me another idea. To form a network, it needs many nodes and with Pure Note an important one would be added. So it didn’t take long for us to start talking.”

Apparently, the visions about the future of the Senators softball women found a more than interested listener in Nubia, because it quickly became clear that both the Senators and Pure Note represented the same ideas in their statements and values.

So what could be more obvious than to embark on a common path that shows that sport, culture, sustainability and social commitment are not necessarily contradictory. In the case of Senators Softball and Pure Note, they actually go hand in hand.

So let’s take a closer look at Pure Note.

Restrict to the essentials

Since 2018 you can shop unpackaged in the store on Brunnenstrasse in Bilk.

Nubia and her team want to counter today’s consumer society and give everyone the opportunity to live consciously and without packaging waste. That’s why they hit the “Pure Note” with unpackaged food, household goods and hygiene products. The clear sound of authenticity can not only be heard in the carefully selected product range. You can also experience him with his friendly team and in every loving detail in the shop. The entire facility is bought second-hand or homemade and processed exclusively with natural resources and real manual work.

“We want to do our part to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren while focusing on the essentials. Do we really need 35 types of spaghetti or isn’t one enough?”

The past has proven that this is not an easy undertaking, because of the original four unpackaged stores in Düsseldorf, only the Pure Note has remained. This is partly due to the fact that additional pillars have been created. Gradually, the gastronomy area, numerous concerts and other events were added, which made Pure Note the starting point for an ever-expanding cultural scene.

“At that time it was not planned that concerts and other cultural events would take place here on a regular basis. The clef in the logo tree, as well as the name, of course now reflects this wonderfully.”

No Waste

If you listen to her words carefully, she is concerned with sustainability in an increasingly fast-paced throwaway society. Nubia implements the no waste principle perfectly. All of their dishes are freshly prepared using groceries from their shop. Everything in organic quality and vegan.

“This is something we are very proud of. We cook almost exclusively without processed foods. Everything is freshly cooked and we don’t use any additives, flavorings or preservatives. Anything that is not sold during the day, we cook in jars in the evening and thus make it durable for takeaway sales.”

Sport, Pure Note and Senators

“Sport is a social glue,” Nubia continues. “These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the digital world, so it is all the more important to show young people alternatives. Sport promotes cohesion and social skills. The motivation to create that adolescents move more again cannot be weighed with money. Our daughter does team sports herself, an important school for life.”

Toast to the future

Ideas are plentiful and therefore everyone involved is looking forward to this cooperation. Equipping the senators’ catering with products from Pure Note is just one of many and since the contact came about through Beer Kong, future projects will definitely be initiated with this local label.

“We are looking forward to an exciting project with a signal effect, because we have many intersections in our view of the world.”


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