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LadiesLandesligaSoftball-enSENATORS AT AACHEN| SOFTBALL | 05/06/2023


An expected hard game

“Before we get to the actual analysis, I would like to congratulate the ladies of the Aachen Greyhounds on their victory.” Head coach Frank Mohr starts to summarize the game.

“Our own performance shouldn’t reduce the clear and well-deserved winner of the game. Nevertheless, at this point a little clarity must be created about how the result came about. Anyone who relies solely on statistics will get a somewhat distorted picture of what happened at Brandner Wall.”

Changed at five positions, without a substitute, a rookie and two infielders who had just recovered from illness, a win that day was not to be expected.

“We can’t play a game like the one we conjured up in Verl every week, so I have to compliment my girls despite the many mistakes they made. They always give it their all.”

The Senators Ladies were able to keep the game tide up into the fourth inning and were even in front up to that point, but somehow the thread suddenly broke and concentration seemed lost. The easy plays were not made and so the bases filled up again and again.

“Keeping the lid on a can of worms, the arms become heavy and the throws inaccurate.” Frank Mohr tries to find a explanation. “Then there are doubts and the urge to help your pitcher out of the mess. A bad combination.”

After a convincing performance, the coaches had to take their starter out of the game after only 3 1/3 innings and replace them with a position player.

A decision that the coaches were reluctant to make. On the one hand they wanted to protect their starter and on the other hand they threw an unprepared player into the circle.

“Katja took one for the team and got us out of the inning. Mentally, that was a great success.”

In the end, however, she was unable to prevent the clear defeat of 14:24.

“Even though it may sound like it, I’m not trying to sugarcoat the result. It was and remains a deserved victory for Aachen. But the statistics don’t say anything about the unconditional dedication with which the girls fought back against this defeat.

When asked how he intends to play against Neunkirchen next week, he answers with a smile.

“I am an incorrigible optimist. If we can play at full strength and without injury, anything is possible in Neunkirchen.”


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