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Ladies on the road again

The softball team of the Düsseldorf Senators recorded the first win of the still young 2023 season and crowned the all-round perfect day with a splendid team performance. The mistakes from the past games, which were worked up in training, could be reduced to a minimum and so the game was dictated from the start by a strong defense. Of the fifteen required outs that day, the pitchers recorded seven for themselves.

“The performance curve continues to point steadily upwards and allows us to look forward to the tasks ahead with confidence.” Head coach Frank Mohr praises his two pitchers.

“There’s still room for improvement.”

However, the game in Seelscheid was not an easy one. The young team of the Neunkirchen Nightmares demanded everything from the Senators Ladies, especially in the first half of the game, and so it came to the expected game at eye level.

“If we look at the game through to the end of the fourth inning, it was a fast-paced and exciting game with both teams giving their all.”

The lead played so far, 10:5 for the ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators, reflected the game in a fair way.

The runs were all achieved through hard hitting balls and courages base running.

For the first time of the season it was possible to play with more than one substitute, which presented the coaches with an enjoyable but challenging task.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had that many players with us, at least I have to think back a long time. Our goal was to let everyone play, regardless of the result, and we managed to do that. We were finally able to play out the fantastic tactical possibilities that softball has to offer. That was really a fun today.”

The darn fourth inning didn’t get us and the substitutions and re-substitutions didn’t break the game. On the contrary, they tended to contribute to the necessary relief.

“The girls from Neunkirchen showed a very good and courageous game. The result of 25:6 is clearly too high,” sums up Frank Mohr. “This team of young players has a future and we are already looking forward to the second game in June.”

After three away games in a row and almost 700 km on German highways, the ladies are more than grateful for the upcoming two-week break.

On June 4th, 2023, the derby will take place in Wuppertal, before the ladies invite you to their long-awaited home opener on June 18th, 2023.


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