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Lost in the wind

After a good six-week summer break, it was time to put the ball in play again for the ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators on July 30th. After the hardships of the first five gamedays, four of which had to be played on the road, the somewhat longer break naturally came in handy. On the other hand, the coaches would certainly have liked to continue playing, since the ladies had delivered some softball fireworks in the last three games and gained the security that they would have liked to have brought into the game against the league leader. The combined forces of Jülich and Krefeld had been the big unknown this season and had so far impressed with great results.

“We studied our opponents very carefully and knew what to expect,” said the coaches in unison. “Nevertheless, we always try to focus on ourselves and approach every game the same way. Being in the game from the first minute is extremely important for our team. We try to block out everything else and not let ourselves be impressed by the opponent or external influences.”

In fact, the previous week had seen some unruly weather and for a long time it was unclear whether the game could take place at all.

“As far as the pitch is concerned, our Grounds Crew has put an incredible amount of work into the softball field over the past week to get it ready to play after the persistent rain,” explains head coach Frank Mohr. “I think we succeeded and the work paid off. A big thank you to the boys.”

So everything was set for the start of the second half of the softball season.

And things got off to a promising start. The defense was very good and behind a wide awake and in a wellstarter, the strong guests did not get more than two runs.

“Our pitchers are becoming more consistent with every game and are able to use their great potential more and more often. What the girls work through in training bears fruit, even if it’s not necessarily noticeable to outsiders,” says Frank Mohr. “We see every detail and as far as offense goes, I continue to be impressed. Here, too, the coaches do a fantastic job.”

A statement that can be left as it is, because with twelve runs in the first inning and numerous extra base hits, the Senators managed to take the starter from SG Jülich/Krefeld out of the game.

“The first inning was very impressive defensively and offensively and shows the great talent in this team. I would take a 12:2 against the table leader again any day of the week.”

Of course, it was clear to everyone that a reaction of the visitors had to follow and they too created opportunities for themselves and then kept the game open.

“After the pitching change we had a few problems finding our grove, but the girls managed that well too. In the end, we were aggressive and on time again.”

The Senators also switched things up in the circle and a fresh arm came into play after two innings.

“Starting with two strikeouts against the best opposing hitters was a very strong performance and shows us that we are getting more and more depth and quality on the pitcher position,” the head coach explains proudly. “These aren’t results of happenstance, but rather of a lot of hard work and a lot of understanding on the part of my pitchers, who never question my decisions.”

This may be an attempt to explain why he brought another pitcher into play in the fifth inning, with the game tied.

“Everyone needs in game experience and therefore everyone needs to play and let’s be honest, they did an excellent job. The fact that we lost the game in the end was certainly not due to the performance of our pitchers.”

In the fifth inning, small mistakes and above all the gathering storm were a factor that the game suddenly tipped in favor of Jülich/Krefeld. It wasn’t so much the hard hit balls that led to base hits, but rather bloopers and balls that were heavily blown off by the wind, that were responsible for the defense not being able to make the crucial plays. A considerable gap quickly built up that the Senators’ ladies could no longer make up for. Two caught line drives and a resulting DP prevented them from catching up and thus ended the game early.

“We delivered a strong and courageous game and provided highlights at the plate, in the circle and also on defense.”, the coaches summarize the game. “How can you be unsatisfied in the end? It’s just a shame that the girls couldn’t reward themselves for their good performance in the end and were beaten well below value. The final score of 16:27 in no way reflects the game and who knows, maybe next time we’ll have the wind on our side.”


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