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Catcher 2020 Beitrag

A faint rustling, an insignificant crack and the three warriors are already standing on the (baseball) field, which is bathed in changing dark colors by the rising moon. The hope of the whole country rests on them. They are the sons, through whose powers a balance should be created again in this uncertain time.

We are in the year 2020. In the north the kingdom of the Paderbeaux rulers under King Alperois, in the south lies the mighty Bonnoix fortress on the Rhine. In between there is nothing, deep forests, wide fields, the land of the senators at Benrath. The ancient de Mohr family has lived here for generations. How often Count Franc de Mohr, known as the Bearded One, lies awake in his castle at night, tosses in his bed and finds no rest. Is there a way to assert yourself against the two overwhelming competitors? Today he cannot go to sleep again. “Franc, you worry too much,” his beloved wife Grittlinde tries to reassure him. “The time is not yet right.” Isn’t it? But…….

The next morning, Franc the Bearded One goes fishing in the stream with his son Patriq de Mohr the Younger, as always. “Son, it’s about time, I had a dream that night, we need, in addition to our batterers and pitchers, excellent, outstanding, indeed outstanding, catchers. They will bring us success. ” “That’s how it should be”, replies his son and they move to the surrounding villages and far into the Bergisches Land towards Solingen. In their search for comrades-in-arms, they meet Felixward zu Bonnhofen and Leonhard von Stölzelfels, two brave, fearless comrades who follow them immediately. In freezing cold, pouring rain and relentless heat, the three musketeers, Patriq, Felixward and Leonhard, practice their detailed lessons and special exercises on the indefatigable franc of the bearded man. Over and over again, for days, weeks and months. They swear off everything worldly and mature into catching fish. In their martial armor, the three musketeers gain respect and honor on all tournament grounds in the country. And their story is carried from ear to ear on long winter evenings. The spell is broken. Franc the bearded one has achieved his first goal. And there will be more musketeers, younger and bigger ones, and they will make the land of the Senators at Benrath famous and well known, but this belongs to the future …… because the power will be with the catchers ……


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