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After the two marathon games last weekend against Neunkirchen and Ratingen, the ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators were now off to Jülich: the first stop on a four-week away series. The Jülich Duchess, who are presenting themselves as a newly formed team this year, recently caused a stir with a win in extra innings against the Neunkirchen Nightmares. The Senators were therefore warned.

“We always go into every game with determination and never underestimate our opponents,” explains head coach Frank Mohr. “Not doing so would be a big mistake and absolutely disrespectful.”

And this attitude was exactly what was needed, because the Duchess, who had to do without a few players due to injury, threw everything they had at the guests from the state capital.

“We pay our utmost respect to the Jülich Duchess for this great and exciting game,” said Frank Mohr immediately after the game. “This team demanded everything from us and fought against the threat of defeat until the end.”

The Düsseldorf Senators got off to a good start and scored three runs in the first inning to give them an early lead and some calm among those in charge in the dugout.

“We had to change things up again and weren’t sure how the game plan would work. In the first three innings in particular, we had big problems getting into the game on defense, and only an outstanding pitcher performance saved us from worse. Our two pitchers clearly left their mark on this game.”

A statement that can be left as it is without reservation, because the two pitchers of the Senators Ladies dominated the game from the first to the last pitch.

9 strikeouts, 0 walks and 3 runs (all unearned) speak a very clear language.

“This dominance is not a coincidence, but the result of hard work.”

“Shout-out to Courtney Oliva (PlusUltraPitching) for helping us to get better every day.”

The ladies had a bit more difficulty on offense, however, and only got into the game better from the 4th inning onwards. The Jülich Duchess starter, who had been in good form up until then, was hit harder and they were able to use the entire width of the field.

The defense also calmed down, and they were able to extend their lead further and further. In the end, the score was 14:3 for the Düsseldorf Senators – in a game whose result says nothing about the quality of the opponent.

“The ladies from Jülich were beaten below their worth today,” Frank Mohr sums up. “This team has an incredible team spirit and we are already looking forward to the in Düsseldorf.”

All in all, the victory for the Düsseldorf Senators is completely fine and was never in danger thanks to the strong pitch performance.

Next stop on June 23, 2024: Ennepetal Raccoons.


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