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One weekend, two games.

Due to the bad weather conditions, many games were postponed at the start of the season or canceled at short notice. So last weekend, it was “Play Ball” twice on Benrather Südallee.

Guests: the Neunkirchen 2 and Ratingen 2 teams.

“Let’s not be confused by the 2 after the team name,” explained Frank Mohr. “Of course, these are junior teams in which the young talents from Neunkirchen and Ratingen in particular should gain match practice, but they are always filled up with players from the first team.”

“Which is perfectly fine,” Mohr continued. “This gives us the opportunity to play against strong teams and see where we stand. Nevertheless, second teams are always a kind of surprise package. You never know exactly who you are playing against.”

First and foremost, we were happy to finally be able to get back into the action, because the breaks were too long and the games too irregular. Practice could only take place sporadically or in the gym due to the weather.

“We haven’t been able to find a real rhythm yet and are basically starting from scratch.”

As if to prove the coach wrong, the ladies got off to a flying start and gained a comfortable lead in the first three innings.

Minimize weak periods

“We now start the games concentrated and are wide awake from the first second – something we missed in the past. But then we are happy to allow ourselves a weak period in the middle of the game. That is something we will work on.”

Frank Mohr does not want this to be understood as negative criticism, because:

“The girls have been on the field for over 6.5 hours in the last 24 hours and have really thrown everything into it. Maintaining concentration the whole time is virtually impossible. We played with an almost identical team against two great opponents whose first teams are not playing in the Softball Bundesliga for nothing.”

Both games went the full 7 innings and were only decided in the last inning.

“It was a déjà vu when we went into the 7th inning against the Goose Necks. Once again we had our backs against the wall and I just thought, hopefully the girls will reward themselves for their efforts.”

The day before, it hadn’t quite been enough against Neunkirchen and they lost a hard-fought game by just one run (20:21).

But things didn’t look good at first, as they went into the decisive inning with a deficit of 3 runs, which would have only equalized the score.

“This team never ceases to amaze us. Giving up is not an option for our ladies.”

We’re talking about the enormous comeback qualities that make them dangerous right up to the end. And so the bases were loaded step by step; a walk brought the first run across home plate. 3 more runs and the walk off would be perfect.

“You didn’t really dare to believe it anymore. We already had two outs when it was the next batter’s turn. But the girls just keep playing, they don’t worry. Not even when the count is 2-2.”

2 Out when winning run scored

“I have to say, we hadn’t had much of any use on the bat up to that point, and some of our base hits were rather lucky, but the next pitch was hit really hard.”

The line drive flew to the edge of the field for a 3 run triple, leaving the Senators as the winners of an exciting game. And so the moment belonged to the players alone, who all stormed onto the field towards third base to celebrate the walk off.

“The girls really deserved it. It would have broken my heart to see them leave the field as losers again in a hard-fought game.”

In the end, the score was 18:17 for the Düsseldorf Senators against a strong team from Ratingen, whom we would like to thank for a fair game on equal terms. Our thanks also go to the team from Neunkirchen.

The ladies now have to pack their suitcases for the next four weeks, because the Jülich Duchess, Ennepetal Raccoons, Neunkirchen Nightmares and the Yaks from Verl/Gütersloh are waiting on the route.


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