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The fact that the Aachen Greyhounds are not toothless was already proven in the two teams’ first matchup, where they inflicted a more than painful defeat on the ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators.

“You can definitely say that we still have a score to settle,” said head coach Frank Mohr, who doesn’t like to think back to the game at Brandner Wall. “That was by far our worst game, not to take away from the deserved victory of the ladies from Aachen in any way. We definitely want to do better today.”

And his team succeeded in doing so in an impressive way.

“When you play against Aachen, you never really know what to expect. The Greyhounds have an unbelievable number of players on their roster, so they are and will remain the certain unknown of the softball Landesliga. But all in all I think we were pretty well prepared.”

Even if the coaches had to do without a few players that day, there was no sign of any gaps in the game. On the contrary, they all fit perfectly into their partly new roles and positions. Consistency could therefore probably only be expected of pitchers. The Rotation went to work in the same formation for the third straight game.

“I don’t think you can call it a given that easily,” said the head coach, who always has a protective hand over his players. “Pitching, like everything else, depends on how you are feeling that day and that’s why we didn’t decide who would start until just before the game.”

As in the previous games, the choice fell on Renée.

“There are nuances that decide about the start and ultimately we wanted to take the security of the past few weeks into this game.”

An excellent decision, as it turned out in hindsight.

“I know I sound like a broken record by now, but our pitchers are going through a transformation and getting better game by game. That’s really impressive.”

The very good form of the game against Verl/Gütersloh could also be preserved on the offensive side of the ball and so the ladies of the Senators seamlessly started where they left off last Sunday.

“We managed to score runs in every inning and every AB was productive,” said hitting coach Patrick Mohr. “It’s the only way to keep up the pressure and possibly force your opponents to make mistakes. Exciting also is the fact that everyone managed to get on base. We have enormous quality that we take to the batters box with us. We are very difficult to calculate.”

On defense, the ladies were able to keep the innings short, which was a great advantage given the high temperatures.

After three innings and a tight 6:3 lead, Renée was relived in the circle by Katja and from then on she was allowed to see how her teammate confirmed the upward trend from the previous week.

Aachen only managed one more run and so it came to an early end after a good 1:50 h.

„Our team didn’t miss a beat today, played the game very confidently and I think that the result of 14:4 is absolutely deserved. 


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