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Senators vs. SG Jülich/Krefeld

For the people, who were looking for their way to the lake on Sunday, August 28th, 2023 at about 2:30 p.m., it was not possible to see who had won the softball game between the Senators and the SG Jülich/Krefeld at first glance.

Heads held high and faces beaming, the ten ladies sat in Rightfield for the post game team meeting. There was nothing to indicate that they had just lost an exciting game by merely one run.

“We are incredibly proud of this team,” says head coach Frank Mohr, clearly satisfied. “We gave everything we had today, we just couldn’t do more.”

After the unfortunate defeat in the first game against the leaders of the Softball Landesliga, the coaches had something special in mind. Even if there were a few starters missing, the team drove to Lake Barmen motivated and well prepared. 

“With the six additions this year, our roster has more depth than ever and so it’s a little easier for us to compensate for the absences. Nevertheless, we don’t like facing the league leader with just one pitcher. We  therefore tried to set up the defense in such a way that our pitcher has the opportunity to go deep into this game.”

A game plan that worked out exactly like the team had hoped for. The few SG fly balls were safely hauled in in the outfield and hardly anything went past the infield either. On offense the ladies could rely on their confidence of the last few weeks and racked up a total of 25 hits compared to the SG‘s 9.

“It’s a game of hitting. We don’t work so hard to improve our swing to then go up to the plate looking for a base on balls. Sure, it is part of it too, but first and foremost we want to hit the ball. Our plate discipline hasn’t suffered either.”

The fact that it wasn’t enough to win in the end was probably more a question of conditioning and not of ability. We’re talking about the Senators’ starter, who kept her team in the game for a long time and fought her way into the 7th inning, where she was then replaced by Sarah.

“We spoke to Sarah beforehand and prepared her for her possible role in the Circle. Sarah ate dirt for the team and performed her role more than well.”

For Patrick Mohr, however, the player of the day was quickly determined.

“We generally don’t like to talk about one player as we always win or lose as a team, but on this day you have to make an exception. Lady of the Match is Renée for all of us. I have no idea how far we have to go back to find the last time she had to go such a distance. We tip our hat to this performance.”

The irrepressible will to win the game was felt at all times and every play, no matter how small, was celebrated. And so the fans who traveled along agreed that they saw a great softball game.

“So why should we be sad?” Frank Mohr states proudly. “Well, we lost a game 14:15, but with this team, even defeats feel like wins. Especially when we know how high our ceiling is.”

Next week the team will visit the Goosenecks in Ratingen. The ladies are also hoping for a lot of support there. A trip that will be worthwhile for the fans every time.


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