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BZL 09.06.2024 @ Zülpich
BZL 09.06.2024 @ Zülpich
Zülpich Eagles

Line score


Fifth win in a row

The Düsseldorf Senators’ 2nd men’s team is continuing its impressive winning streak. Last weekend, they achieved another convincing success in the district league. With a clear 26:12 triumph at the Zülpich Eagles 2, the Düsseldorfers celebrated their fifth win in a row and consolidated their position in the league.

  • A review of the game

The game got off to an exciting start, but the Senators showed their offensive strength right from the start. They scored several runs in the very first inning and put the Eagles under pressure. The hosts from Zülpich found it difficult to stop the powerful Düsseldorf team, which continued as the game progressed. With numerous hits and excellent teamwork, the team managed to continuously collect points. The strong interplay between the experienced players and the young talents, who together ensured the high final score, was particularly striking.

  • Strong defense

In addition to the strong offense, the Senators were also in top form defensively. Pitchers and outfielders worked together superbly and gave the Eagles very few chances. Despite a few mistakes in the course of the game, the defense remained stable and prevented major losses of points. Kevin, the starting pitcher, remained confidently on the mound until the 5th inning, leaving only 2 batters for closer Mato.

  • Coach’s comments and outlook

The coach and team manager of the Düsseldorf Senators were visibly satisfied after the game. “It was a cohesive team performance that made this win possible for us. Everyone played their part and that’s reflected in the result,” said coach Till, who stood in for Max today due to vacation. The team is also optimistic about the upcoming games and hopes to continue its winning streak.

  • Conclusion

With this fifth win in a row, the Düsseldorfers have impressively underlined their ambitions in the district league. With a strong team performance and impressive offensive power, they have once again shown that they are one of the top teams in the league and are rightly at the top of the table.
Fans and players are looking forward to the upcoming matches.


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