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In the softball season that is about to begin, the coaches of the Düsseldorf Senators Ladies are only really focusing on one goal: the further development of the team in order to strengthen the associated structures of the entire softball and baseball department of TSG Benrath.

Many people didn’t give us a future after Corona and the difficulties of the last two years,” said head coach Frank Mohr. “And most people still don’t do it today.”

However, he sees the numerous upheavals more as an opportunity for a new beginning and less as a reason to bury his head in the sand. And if you take the softball team’s positive trend as an indicator, the signs are very good.

“What has happened to us in the last year is indescribable.”

A total of eight new players have found their way to Südallee in Düsseldorf; an increase that could hardly be expected.

“I think we have done our homework – and will continue to do so. We don’t commit to things that we won’t be able to keep later.”

The team sport that fits into life campaign, for example, is a complete success.

“We are and remain authentic,” continues Frank Mohr. “A team for the whole family that combines work, everyday life, sport and leisure time.”

And what does that look like in reality?

“There is no pressure for us. The girls come to us for training after a long, tiring day. Be it from work, school or home. And let’s be honest, often this day wasn’t particularly great. That’s something we as coaches never forget and something the players also appreciate.”

“We train a very specific muscle group in the face: we laugh a lot.”

When asked where he expects his team to finish this season, he hesitates a bit.

“We have a very strong team this season. This can be explained not only by the increase in new players, but also by the hard work in the off-season. In addition, thanks to our pitching coach Courtney from PlusUltraPitching, we are significantly better positioned than in previous years, especially in this central position. Our batting training has been raised to a new, higher level through our video analysis, so we are sure to achieve our first successes there too.

However, these are all things that of course have to come together first – some this season, others not until next year. This year I see us as a team that doesn’t need to hide from any opponent, and will cause one or two surprises.

But to answer the question: As long as we offer good and honest softball sport and can say at the end of the day that we made the best of our opportunities, I don’t care about the ranking.

Much more important than the outlook for this season is the question of where we see our team in two to three years. If our trend continues – and I am very positive about this – we have a team that will have an important say in the NRW league.

“We will try a lot this year, be brave and admit and admit mistakes. Despite the increase in personnel, it will be a challenging year, but I have rarely looked forward to a season as much as I did this one.”

When it comes to the perception of his team in Düsseldorf and the softball scene, doesn’t he often have the feeling that he’s being laughed at?

“Sure, perception is very important, especially when you are in a city like Düsseldorf, where football overshadows a lot of things. But I think that we have now made our voices heard in the sector and I don’t think it’s a bad thing if we’re laughed at. That doesn’t bother me. I’m a consistently positive person and I just smile back.”

And as for the nature of his work?

“I have so many ideas and visions of a modern soft and baseball club in my head that it is sometimes difficult to integrate them into old, sometimes dusty structures. But I don’t get tired, because who knows, maybe we in Düsseldorf are just a small step ahead of the future?”

So let’s look forward to an exciting softball season with the ladies of the Düsseldorf Senators.

The season opener against the Neunkirchen Nightmares will take place on April 20, 2024 at 4 p.m. on the TSG Benrath softball field.

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