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ArticlesBaseball MenBaseball-enSENATORS VS LATINOS | 06/20/2021


A great feeling to be back on the field …

This is how you could describe the friendly match between the Bundesliga team of the Düsseldorf Senators and the Latinos in one sentence. Completely detached from the result, it was all about the small leather-wrapped ball and the feeling of having regained a bit of normalcy.

Of course, the game also served to prepare for the home game against Bonn Capitals 2 on July 4th. Against a strong opponent, the team showed almost no flaws on the defensive Side of the ball and was also able to set some accents in the offense. When you consider how short the preparation for this game was and for the season in particular, everyone involved can look forward to the season that is about to start, with confidence.

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