“Every time we pause for a moment, relax and breathe in and out deeply, we are doing Qigong. We should stop more often.” -Kseny Gray

“Qigong with Kseny” has become an essential part of the Düsseldorf Senators Softball Team and it is hard to imagine how it worked before without it. The project launched in March by the new softball coach Frank Mohr makes a significant contribution to the topic of mental strength and work-life balance.However, this would not be possible without Kseny Gray.

In one of her newsletters she explicitly addresses the topic of “Stillness”.

Why Stillness?

Energy (Qi) cultivation is originally a static practice. Through static positions (both seated or standing) we cultivate and accumulate energy in our bodies. The movement then allows the accumulated energy to circulate throughout the body to nourish and restore the balance. Oftentimes it’s difficult for us to relax in ‘stillness’. Our mind wanders, our thoughts race and we are easily distracted. Although our body might be still, our thoughts are definitely not!

The good news is we can use movement to achieve stillness. Whether it’s Qigong, Tai Chi or a few of your favourite stretches, they can help guide your mind into a calmer state. The key is to stay focused on what you are doing, paying attention to how your body feels during the routine. We are really trying to cultivate body awareness. After a focused practice, the mind naturally becomes calmer and less ‘wired’.

Power through stillness, there is nothing more to say.


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